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    The Techcon Story

    Over the years, you’ve known our fluid and adhesive dispensing products for their superior accuracy and durability. They have offered improved industrial hygiene and enhanced productivity, making processes more efficient and creating value for you..
    Moving forward, our innovation road map pushes the boundaries even further, with the introduction of new intelligent solutions.

    These new developments reduce human error and further increase precision, while enabling a range of IoT capabilities.
    As always, you’re supported by a team of expert engineers who can solve your toughest manufacturing problems, whether you’re in aerospace, military, material packaging, industrial assembly, medical devices, or electronics.


    Application Examples

    • TECHCON   TS9800點膠閥產品介紹

      TECHCON TS9800點膠閥產品介紹


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    • Bonding With Cyanoacrylate Application

      Bonding With Cyanoacrylate Application

      CA is a very frequently used adhesive in the generic bonding application and it is required in a moisture resistant dispensing system. TheTS5622VU Diaphragm valvealong with theTS500R - Multi-Purpose D……

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    • Domed Logo Badges Application (Doming)

      Domed Logo Badges Application (Doming)

      Consumer & business products often display the manufacturer's name on a sticker that is encapsulated underneath a dome of fluid. This is called "Doming" and is commonly used as this ……

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    • Microdot Adhesive Application

      Microdot Adhesive Application

      Most medical device manufacturing applications require a dispensing system that can provide a highly repeatable dispensing of UV adhesives. With the unique needle shut off design inside the dispensing……

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    • Spray Conformal Coating Application

      Spray Conformal Coating Application

      TheTS5540 Series - Spray Valvesalong with theTS500R - Multi-Purpose Dispensing Valve Controllerand theTS1258 - Pressure Tank (Pot)is an ideal system to spray conformal coating material on the surface ……

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    • Gasketing Application

      Gasketing Application

      When a high throughput or large shot size is required for gasketing or similar “Form-in-place-gasket” applications, theTS941 Series - High Pressure Spool Valvealong withTS350 - Digital Fluid Dispenser……

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